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Measuring Guide

 To start you will need a cloth measuring tape. For best results have your hair braided down or use a wig cap to get it as flat as possible. Always measure at least 3 times to get the most accurate measurements.

Front to Nape

Start the tape from the center of the front of your hairline, to the hairline at the nape of your neck. Keeping the tape measure flat and neat to ensure proper measurements.

 Ear to Ear

Start in front of one ear, between the ear and the head where the hairline ends, then measure up and over the crown of the head to the front of the other ear, without touching the ear, at the same point. Note that our custom lace frontal wigs are made with a standard 13x4 lace frontal unless mentioned otherwise. If this is too big, then cut the lace around your ear. 


Start tape at the front center of your hairline. Then wrap tape around behind your ears, passing your hairline at the nape of your neck, then back up to the center or your hairline.